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An Art Installation from the Shoppe can be seen in the Boardwalk Condominium's lobby at 121 King St W.

  All work is available for sale.

Art Credit Nancy Bauer



LOCKDOWN effective April 8, 2021.  Shoppe will be closed but auctions and bingos will still take place on-line.  Items can be held or porch pick up only can be arranged at your discretion.  Private Messages will be sent to winners.



Beth Lippai

Beth Lippai’s art journey began in her teenage years pencil sketching and using Charcoal gave her a pure love of art.

Joan Rieveley

Joan’s art has transformed many times over the years, from pencil to watercolour, to ink and many variants in between.

Charlene McGill

Charlene’s approach to her art is through the eyes of a colourist!

Jude Quick

Jude has always been an artist. Even as a child, art was always her first love. 

Judy McKay

Judy is a Chatham person and has lived here most of her life. Travel is her inspiration.

Laura Hazell

Laura, a Chatham artist, enjoys painting animals (especially cats) and wildlife.

Digna Kosokowsky

Digna is from the Philippines and came to Windsor, Ontario 40+ years ago.  She knew she had the skill in art since she was in grade school.

Loreen Roy

Loreen was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario and raised her own family there as well.

Lucy Foglietta

Lucy was born in Hamilton, Ontario but currently lives in Chatham, Ontario. She studied at Dundas Valley School of Arts 1992-1997.

Heather Hooper

Heather was born in St. Catharines and moved to Toronto when she was 13.  She graduated from Ryerson and began teaching Business at Patterson C.I.  

Nora Harvey

Nora Harvey, a fine artist who works in her home studio in Olde Walkerville, Windsor, Ontario.

Jodi Edwards Wright

A self-taught textile and fibre artist, Jodi creates original quilted and machine embroidered pieces with a lot of texture and a touch of whimsy.

Phos 3 Photography

Kathryn Parent and Dave Paddick are a husband-wife team who put a great deal of deep thought into their photography. 

Ruth Reeb

Having practised in the arts for numerous years, one sees their work evolve, change and adapt to current times.



Sandy Moon believes every person has a story and through her art, a story is told. 

Shelley Webster

Shelley studied at Fanshawe College in London, ON.

Sherrie Piens

Generally, a self-taught artist, Sherrie caught the bug for art about 45 years ago.

Elaine Woods

Windsor is the city Elaine calls home, where she went to school, married, raised her two children, and enjoys her grandsons.

Ruth Luyt

After taking a few lessons in landscape painting and watching numerous videos, Ruth discovered a passion for painting animals.

Gavin Stuart

Gavin Stuart Is a photographer based in Chatham, Ontario.



MaryLin Howard Photography is based in Shrewsbury,


Chris Ford

Chris Ford, a Blenheim native, has had the opportunity to live in many exciting cities, which has helped her see life and her art with a slightly different eye.

John M Canal

Coming from a long line of Venetian and Milanese view artists, John M Canal’s works are all original, one-of-a-kind, full-line, fully cross-hatched drawings often with a touch of watercolour.

Bev Fish

Beverly Fish of Fishtale Studios (Wallaceburg) has degrees in both Fine Arts and Education.  Her artwork tends to be bright, colourful and full of whimsy.

Ken Friesen

Ken sold his first art at age 11.  He knew than that his life would be centered around producing artworks.

Sue Rumball

Having fallen in love with shiny objects as a child, while playing on the beaches of Lake Erie, it was a natural progression that Sue would enjoy working with beads and stones.

Diane Clark

Diane has no professional training, She's learned much from fellow artists and attending classes of artists whose work she admires.

Glen Allen

Made with care in Hamilton, Ontario by Glen Allen.



Lynne Deajardine-Joncas is a paper/mixed media artist who started out scrapbooking and cardmaking about twelve years ago, although she has been active in many craft and art forms since early childhood.

Peter Olsen

Peter was born in London, Ontario and since then has lived in Belmont, Mt. Pleasant, Toronto, Dundas, Guelph and Lahr Germany.

David Fife

David is a self-taught artist, born and raised here in Chatham, Ontario.

Victor Colley & Mindy Antonyk

Victor was a talented Scroll saw artist who made everything by hand. He used patterns from various sources and as his talents improved, he ordered more elaborate patterns from around the world.

Betty Hebert

Elizabeth began her professional art career in 1993 showing her original acrylic canvas work in juried shows in the Windsor/Essex County area.

Carolane Barros-Madla

I grew up in the Philippines and was a practicing Paediatrician for almost 15 years  before migrating with my son to Canada in 2010.

Kayla Katz

Kayla Katz is an impressionist artist located in Windsor, Ontario.

Nancy Bauer

Nancy sees every painting as an investment into her future virtuosity and her search for excellence.

Artist Name


Sue Southern

Sue was one of those kids always drawing, painting and trying new art things.

Vicky Giroux

Art has been an important part of Vicky's life for as long as she can remember.

Rebecca Hunter

Rebecca (Becky) Hunter is a Wallaceburg Artist, Writer and Illustrator who runs a little art studio out of her home called Little Introvert Expressions.

Rick Wilkinson

Rick has Walkerville Candles that started in December 1/ 2011.

Sean Ions

Sean has been involved in many forms of art since he was a child such as painting, wood carving, landscaping, unique wood furniture and now metal sculpting.

Jessica D'Felio

Jessica DFelio is an Italian-American residing in Canada with her family. 

Joy Hinkson

Joy was born in Barbados and is now a Canadian citizen. 

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