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Summer is here

Warm summer days are upon us and we have our doors flung wide open to greet everyone who has been so cooped up.  Why not refresh those walls you have been staring at with some beautiful, new art created by local artists?  We have 50 different artists from which to choose, with every style and medium imaginable.  You are sure to find something to brighten your home or office.


The art auctions are very successful, and will be continued on our Art and Heirloom Auction Group page on Facebook. Another bit of fun is our new Specialty Auction, the first of which is our Goody Bag auction. Check the top of the page for dates of events.


The current theme for the window is ‘Bugs and Blooms’ and will be changing to 'Birds and Feathered Friends'. Take a peek and give us your thoughts. We hope you enjoy our re-vamped window display.

If you want to support our artists, consider buying gift certificates. To purchase, get them in store or email Sue at suerumball3@gmailcom . They can be purchased in any denomination.


We have several new artists to pique your fancy and a bit of wall space left if you are interested in joining us.  Contact Chris Ford for more details.  chrisfordjewellery@gmail.com for more information.


There are hundreds of art cards for your shopping pleasure. Priced to go at $2.00 to $5.00 for most of them. Buy a bunch and keep them on hand!


On the Horizon

Sue and Chris are always on the lookout for different types of art events to glorify the Shoppe’s many talents. 

Currently, we hold 2 auctions a month on our Art and Heirloom Shoppe Auction Group page.  A Victorian Tea is planned, with all it finery, as soon as health regulations will allow.  Classes will begin in our own, private classroom.  Contests for artists, including those not part of the shoppe, will begin shortly.


Renting the side display window would allow you to have a solo show for an entire month. Fee is $100.00 for the month.