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Digna Kosokowsky

Digna is from the Philippines and came to Windsor, Ontario 40+ years ago. She knew she had the skill in art since she was in grade school.

Digna took some oil painting lessons in Windsor but what she really wanted to do was watercolor painting. She thought she would try oil painting first just to test her skills. Unfortunately, her interest in art got diverted to sports, like tennis and golf. Art was completely put aside.

Digna is retired from a manufacturing company for more than 10 years now and enjoying playing sports that she loves. But because of the pandemic and lockdowns, playing sports was also halted.

It's kind of odd to say, but lockdown had been a blessing to Digna. She decided to go back to art and pursue her interest in painting. Watercolor painting always fascinated her! Thanks to on-line classes, it definitely helped Digna develop her skills. She is enjoying every moment of it, exploring her talent and hopefully reaching her potential.

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