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Dava Robichaud

"Who would have thought I’d want to start a new career at age 60-something!

Dava has always love crafting and painting with and for her children and grandchildren. She took a few paint night classes and brought those skills to some of her grandchildren paint dates. She discovered a free class painting a Santa just before Christmas 2020, and since she is all about Christmas, decided to sign up to the free micro course. After her first Santa, she went on to paint a couple more, and loving this method of bold colour painting, decided to dive right into the course and learn all she could.
This BOLD style woke the inner artist in her, and she continued to push herself to try even more of these techniques that incorporated not just human subjects but learning how to paint the wild as well. This style was also incorporated into her landscapes and she then decided to add some of her favourite local and touristy sites in her portfolio.
This past year the pandemic has unleashed her inner BOLD, and she hasn’t looked back. With several commissions under her belt, Dava continues to push herself and says that “Painting gives me balance, peace, and the creative calm I didn’t know was missing!” She adds, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think people would be asking me to paint for them”, but several commissions have proven otherwise.
Dava invites you to check out her creations on Facebook or on follow her on Instagram under davarobichaudart.

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