Penelope is French Canadian born and raised in Montreal. She grew up in a very urban way. She graduated as a fashion designer. After looking for work she realized that she needed to learn English. She then decided to move to a small town in Ontario to do so… 20 years later the city girl became a peaceful country girl… Living in a historical Victorian home where she gardens and paints large canvas of her cherished loved and well cared for white gardens. Her passion to paint was developed by painting a series of large murals for community projects, commercial and resident buildings. After painting murals for 10 years she turned her interest of art to canvas. She now paints large floras on canvas. Her canvas’ could be found across Canada and the States in private collections. Beside painting Penelope is also an Artiste in residence with the school board Providence with whom she also works as a supply and educator. Penelope’s passion for flowers, architecture and food reflects in her work. Her love of life, nature and beauty comes alive with each painting she creates… Her art work is a careful testimony of  the precious life cycle that evolves around her and it’s fragility. Penelope works with Acrylic paint on large canvas, she is self taught and is constantly working to improve her techniques. She paints from the pictures she takes of her gardens and from her visual observations of her subject from growing and taking care of them. In the future Penelope plans on painting more of the floras but also hoping to start offering limited prints editions to broaden her audiences.

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Penelope's artwork is for sale at The Art and Heirloom Shoppe located downtown Chatham 159 King Street West.

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