MaryLin Howard

MaryLin Howard Photography is based in Shrewsbury, Chatham-Kent. Fulfilling a passion for photography and the desire to share the outstanding beauty found all around, a variety of Framed Prints with various subject matter is available. Included are many nature prints, from the smallest of birds to the grandest views of the setting sun, with some prints including scripture verses. As well as nature, subject matter includes rustic landscape scenes of old buildings, barns and jalopies with most photos being taken in Canada. MaryLin prints and frames all of her own artwork.
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Joan Rieveley Flower Painting

Joan Rieveley

Joan’s art has transformed many times over the years, from pencil to watercolour, to ink and many variants in between. Her goal is to portray …

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Ken Friesen Painting

Ken Friesen

Ken sold his first art at age 11. He knew then that his life would be centered around producing artworks. As an Art Educator, he …

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Phos3 Photography

Photography by Phos³

Kathryn Parent and Dave Paddick are a husband-wife team who put a great deal of deep thought into their photography on subjects such as whether, …

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