Judy McKay

I have always been a Chatham girl and I love living here, but I also love to travel, and just as much to come home and paint my impressions and memories. Each painting reminds me why it is worth the challenge and frustration of modern day travel! Attached is Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy; San Francisco Plaza, Quito, Ecuador; Cusco, Peru.

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A painting by Charlene McGill called Window Dressing

Charlene McGill

Charlene began her painting journey in 2003 after attending a local watercolour workshop. She has been painting almost daily ever since! Charlene’s approach to her …

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Laura Hazell Painting

Laura Hazell

Laura, a Chatham artist, enjoys painting animals (especially cats) and wildlife. She has been painting professionally since 2004. Laura has recently explored painting in abstract. …

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Painting of Fish by Nancy Bauer

Nancy A. Bauer

Nancy sees every painting as an investment into her future virtuosity and her search for excellence. She is most excited when patrons look at her …

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