Bingo  Saturday, March 20 @ 7:30 PM

BINGOS are live events on Facebook, being held on the Art and Heirloom Shoppe  page.  There will be a link provided for you to click on to join the live Bingo.  Sue will be your friendly host….be kind, she is new!!!

Cards will be available for sale prior to the event.  To purchase a card, you must send Sue a private message on Facebook telling her how many cards you would like.  They are $5 a piece and will be sent to you through PM on Facebook or email. To buy the cards, you need to send Sue a message indicating the number of cards you want, then an etransfer to: suerumball3@gmail.com with your payment. The password to use is Chatham. After receipt of payment, Bingo cards will be sent out. Sales will closes 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the Bingo. 

When you receive the images of your cards, you can print them out. The other option, one I have used, is to simply copy the card by hand onto a 5 x 5 sectioned Bingo card piece of paper (25 boxes).  Simply fill in the words (names of artists) that go in each box.  Copy carefully and write down the card number.

At 7:30, we will go live on the ART AND HEIRLOOM SHOPPE page.  If you have a problem finding the event, look for the live video and join that.  We sometimes have glitches, beyond our control, so please be patient.

Sue will call out the names for you to mark off on your cards one by one. This will be done SLOWLY!!!  Instead of numbers, we will have artists’ names on our cards.  When you hear the name of an artist, mark off that name on your card. Names will be randomly drawn from a bowl.  A brief artist profile will follow.

We will be calling ONE LINE, FOUR CORNERS and then FULL CARD.  ONE LINE and FOUR CORNERS wins a piece of art or vintage ware of our choice.  The FULL CARD will split the pot of the total number of cards sold and that 50% will be a gift certificate to the shoppe.  There will be random little draws during the Bingo for surprises!

Chris and Sue

Facebook:  Art and Heirloom Shoppe

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